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New destination until quality TBC project emerges

by Erisyn, 339 days ago

Eminence is moving to Atlantiss Alliance faction until a quality TBC project emerges. This is a cataclysm server. It has a PTE (progression through expansions) server coming up so we can check out the staff/community. We might give PlayTBC another look when it relaunches, but we will be waiting for PTE or another quality TBC server project.

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by Erisyn, 345 days ago

Update :

So we are going horde on Yangtze at the time of this posting. The servers are down due to DDOS/Launch is kind of a mess. This is not unexpected, it's very similar to other launches just adding like 10x the population. Essentially the thing to do is to be patient, try to log in over the night/tomorrow. If you haven't made an account I would suggest you do so ASAP if you get an opening.

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